A woman walks past the elephant logo of the Republican Party on the first day of the Republican National Convention on July 18, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dominick Reuter | AFP | Getty Images

Months of tension with North Carolina officials culminated in the GOP deciding to pull its national convention from Charlotte, just three months before it was scheduled to take place there. 

The Republican National Convention is now scheduled for Jacksonville, Florida, in August. 

The move, pushed by President Donald Trump, leaves only weeks to prepare for a grand-scale convention that typically attracts tens of thousands of people and takes years to plan. Past convention organizers are skeptical that the GOP will be able to pull off an event of such scale on short notice. 

“My personal opinion is planning a traditional convention of the size and scale that you normally see in a two-month period is not possible,” said Joe Roman, former vice president of the Cleveland Host Committee, which organized the 2016 convention. “There are so many dots that have to get connected to pull this off.”

Neither planning nor preparation appeared to concern Trump, who repeatedly threatened to move the convention out of North Carolina

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There is a certain appeal to owning your , but it can be daunting to open a storefront when you have no clout and no name recognition. Fortunately, there is a way to have your cake and eat it too, which over a quarter million business owners are doing today: owning your own franchise business location.

Being an owner in a franchise means instant name recognition (think McDonald’s) as well as support from not only the corporate entity, but fellow franchise owners just like you that have gone through the startup process and can help you along the way. Yes, you will lose some autonomy to the business you own — you can’t just start selling blankets at your McDonald’s location — but it’s a small price to pay for owning your piece of a business with a clearly established track record.

So how do you get started? Here are the five steps to becoming a franchise owner yourself.

1. Do every last bit of your homework

Just because you want to buy into an existing chain doesn’t mean you don’t have to do

It’s hard to think of any great enterprise that has fallen as far, as fast as the Boeing Company. Just over a year ago, the 104-year-old aircraft and defense manufacturer was ramping up deliveries on its signature product, the super-fuel-efficient 737 Max, a huge hit boasting 5,000 orders, and its earnings, sales, and margins were all headed for records. Wall Street was sold that Boeing had entered a new era of enduring profitability. In just three years, its stock had jumped 300% to over $400 per share. “Over the years, Boeing has established a lead in efficiency and margins over it sole major rival AirbusAirbus,” says Craig Fraser, an analyst for Fitch Ratings. “Then, Boeing went from the best to the worst of times overnight.”

The descent began in March of last year after a Max operated by Ethiopian Airlines crashed because of a software malfunction—the airliner’s second fatal disaster in six months—which brought the death toll to 346. The federal authorities ordered the Max grounded, and revenues from the plane that was supposed to be Boeing’s biggest revenue-and profit-spinner fell to virtually zero. In 2019, as its airline customers were enjoying the best year in their history, …