And why you can’t wait for someone to “discover” you.

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I spent a good portion of my life thinking that opportunities are supposed to fall into your lap magically. We’ve heard the romanticized stories about exactly that. In my recent TEDx, I talked about how actress Charlize Theron was upset at a bank when she first moved to from Johannesburg because she couldn’t access her bank to withdraw money. Hollywood manager John Crosby happened to be in the bank at the same time. He saw her throw her fit and signed her on the spot. 

Or, equally as serendipitous: Mandy Moore was working on her music at a studio in Orlando when she was 13, and a delivery man overhead her singing. He sent her record to his friend at Epic Records, and that’s how she got her start.

But here’s the issue with stories like these: We hear them enough that we begin to believe that someone is

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The salty sea breeze blows through the air; excited screams echo as the roller coaster drops; the warm, sugary scent of funnel cake lingers on the boardwalk. Summer is here at the shore, but with a few modifications to follow CDC guidelines. Photographer Gabby Jones set out to the Jersey Shore during the Fourth of July weekend, finding some large differences between towns as the state’s reopening was in full swing.

Since July 2, outdoor amusement parks, outdoor waterparks, playgrounds, and libraries have been allowed to reopen. But with big crowds flocking to the shore to the enjoy the holiday weekend, some towns did better than others to enforce social distancing rules, Jones tells Fortune

“Towns which were an hour driving distance from each other felt like polar opposites,” Jones, a New Jersey native, says.

Many beach towns along the coast are figuring out what the new normal will be when customers return. While Ocean City officials handed out goody bags to families wearing masks, Jones described the vast majority of visitors at Wildwood not wearing …

Remember when analysts and economists were saying we’d see a V-shaped recovery? They may be rethinking that thesis now.

There are early indicators that the recovery, which quickly gained traction as states started reopening, may be losing steam as cases continue spike across the country.

New cases of the coronavirus have skyrocketed in recent weeks, hitting a record of roughly 60,000 new cases on July 9. Big states like Texas, Florida, and California, are now battening down the hatches once more, by reimposing restrictions for bars, restaurants, beaches, and more. But cases of the virus are now on the rise in many states.

Moody’s Mark Zandi recently told Fortune there’s a “zero chance” of a V-shaped recovery now.

Instead, another shape may be, well, taking shape.

Deutsche Bank senior U.S. economist Brett Ryan was among those who predicted a “reverse square root symbol” shaped recovery months ago.

“This speaks to what we’ve been saying for a long time, which is that this is not going to be a straight line, lock-step recovery, up and up and up. It’s going to have some bumps along the road,” Ryan tells Fortune. Indeed, Ryan told Fortune in