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Laura Haber: Professional, Pilot, and Rock Star?

Who is Laura Haber? The answer to that question will inevitably depend on whom you ask. Unlike most of us, however, the answers to the question of who Laura Haber is, could be vastly different. How different? How about from a professional in the high rise, to an on-stage rock star, to flying high above the ground?

Laura Haber: Business Owner, Claims Adjuster, Professional

Many people will recognize the name Laura Haber from the perspective of a client of one of her businesses. That could be someone who knows her as the owner of her former Stucco business or perhaps as the owner of her insurance marketing group. Those recollections are most likely from years past, however, as she most recently found her calling and success as a claims’ adjuster.

Dealing with property insurance, including commercial and residential, Laura Haber is a licensed claims expert. In addition to dealing with property claims, she also handles farm and agricultural claims, construction defect claims, and dispute resolution matters. That also creates many possible contacts, meaning many people who know Laura Haber as an adjuster or insurance professional.

Laura Haber Finds Herself in Rarified Air – Literally!

Everyone has a hobby, and most of us have many. For Laura Haber, one of her favorite hobbies is working with and flying drones. As a licensed drone pilot, not only is Haber’s hobby a professional one, but it is rare too.

In fact, according to data from the FAA, there are fewer than 300,000 licensed drone pilots in the United States. That also makes it understandable if those who know that Laura Haber can fly drones are inclined to recognize her as a pilot. How many people, after all, can say they have a friend who can fly a drone, or any type of aircraft for that matter?

And Then There wasLaura and the Crazy Heart Band

For one fleeting moment, it was a possibility that Laura Haber of the “Laura and the Crazy Heart Band” was headed for music greatness. Instead, it appears that she will end up settling for a moment, but it was a good moment indeed. One article write-up mentioning the band described her as the “…local country goddess Laura Haber of Crazy Heart.”

There were even videos and professional recording sessions in Nashville that hinted at bigger things in music for Laura Haber, but in the end, it wasn’t to be. Those who know her from that time or who only know her as that country-rock performer though may always know her as that star on stage.

Who is Laura Haber? Professional? Pilot? Or perhaps even a country-rock star? Those who know her intimately will tell you that she is all of the above and more.

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