The big question now is how to reopen

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Good morning. David Meyer here in Berlin, filling in for Alan.

It would be something of an understatement to say the question of reopening businesses right now is a fraught one. Look at Apple, which—in the context of rising coronavirus infection figures—is already shutting some of its U.S. stores again, or Disney, which is delaying the reopening of its Anaheim, Calif. theme park in response to workers’ fears of unsafe conditions.

At Fortune we have been examining the issue for a while now as part of our How to Reopen campaign, and this morning we are publishing an online-only mini-magazine devoted to the subject. Here’s the cover:

The package is fronted by this great Geoff Colvin piece about how it’s the boldest companies that will win out at this critical moment. As he writes:

“Economic calamities—even tragic, once-a-century global pandemics—require business leaders to find opportunity in the chaos. It’s there to be found. Leaders who can seize it will mitigate the pain for employees, consumers, vendors, communities, and investors. The big lesson from past downturns is that the competitive order within industries will change far more now than it ever will in prosperous times.”

Meanwhile, Katherine Dunn delves into British cinema operators’ quest to reopen their doors and finds some theater owners are worried about a shortage of quality new films to bring in customers next month. McKenna Moore examines the push for the U.S. to “go cashless” in the context of virus-transmission fears—spoiler: that’s not going to happen overnight—and Lydia Belanger explains why pop-up retail is having a moment right now. And Aric Jenkins spoke with PGA golfer Troy Merritt about the reality of bringing live golf back to our screens.

It’s a powerful and timely package that also includes reopening-related articles from the last couple months. You can find it here.

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