These countries’ stock markets have been hit the hardest by the coronavirus

No country’s stock market has been immune to the global selloff spurred by the coronavirus pandemic. To get a snapshot of where investors have been hit hardest, we examined 100 of the largest and most heavily traded markets tracked by Bloomberg. The graphic above shows how far primary stock indexes in each have fallen this year—from their peak to their lowest point. Thus far, stocks in the world’s biggest economies have fared relatively well. The U.S., despite the most cases and deaths from the virus of any country, didn’t plunge nearly as far as, for example, energy-dependent Russia. And though the pandemic originated in China, Beijing’s success in managing the health crisis has translated to the market. Chinese stocks have yet to hit bear territory. 

Source: Bloomberg; Jan. 1 to April 9, 2020. Calculated from index prices in U.S. dollars.

A version of this article appears in the May 2020 issue of Fortune with the headline “A Shock Wave Around the World.”

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