Top executives are delighted about the Supreme Court’s DACA decision

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Top executives had another reason to speak out yesterday, after a Supreme Court decision that leaves in place the Obama-era immigration program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. “The 478 Dreamers at Apple are members of our collective family…We’re glad for today’s decision,” said Apple’s Tim Cook. “Today’s SCOTUS decision is a victory for the country,” tweeted Microsoft President Brad Smith. And IBM Executive Chair Ginni Rometty told a virtual gathering of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women: “It’s a great day for the world.”

Rometty also made some predictions about how the world of work will change in the post-COVID era:

“I think very clearly there will be a hybrid work model in the future. There is a role for being in an office. Innovation and culture suffer otherwise. What we envision is: Does the office become an innovation hub? Our real estate assumptions profoundly change.”

Separately, since it’s Friday, some feedback. Tuesday’s post and podcast on GM’s Mary Barra brought in diverse responses:

“This is why Mary Barra is my choice for VP.”

“It is all well and good that she is pushing for more equality and justice, but she is neither a politician nor head of a non-profit. She is the CEO of GM and a very cursory review of GM’s performance shows she has not succeeded in the 6 years she has had the helm.”

And on Dow CEO Jim Fitterling’s commitment to the environment, I received this:

“’What targets and timeline have you been provided that will allow you to maximize your earnings under your current compensation plan as it relates to the sustainability plan?’” – That’s the question I would have loved to have you ask the Dow CEO.”

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